Personalized Spiritual
 Leader Services

Our lives work in wonderfully unique ways. We live in a day and age where so much technology and information is accessible with just the click of a button. With such busy schedules, though, it can become difficult to find the balance you need to take on life’s daily challenges. But with an empathetic and dedicated spiritual leader, you can find the peace that you need and deserve.

A spiritual leader can offer you advice and guidance on many of life’s decisions. A spiritual leader can also help you find the good that’s within you so that you can live the confident life that’s just around the corner. At New Element Consultants, we are excited to join you on your spiritual journey to great peace and enlightenment. Read on to learn more about our services.

A Trusted Spiritual Leader

Akecheta Morningstar is a confident, knowledgeable, and kind spiritual leader that has faced some of life’s greatest difficulties. Through his unique experiences, Akecheta has developed an appreciation for the good that can be found in life and wants to help countless individuals find the same peace and happiness that he has found through God.

As you investigate his books and learn about his life, you will begin to see how he can help with his personalized services. Whether your team needs greater access to mental health services or your congregation could benefit from an inspirational speaker like Akecheta, New Element Consultants is ready to help.

A Dedicated Spirituality Expert

We take pride in the quality of our services and are certain that you will be thrilled with the results. We are excited to join you as you seek to improve your mental and spiritual health through the help of our spiritual leader services.

Reach out to Akecheta today to learn more about his services as a spiritual leader and how New Element Consulting can take your mental health to a new level of peace. Call us today at (769) 572-4667.