Book on Mental Health Awareness

Our bodies work in wonderful and unique ways, and our mental health plays a vital role in balancing our well-being. When we don't pay attention to our mental health and well-being, the rest of our lives can become out of balance and cause disruptions to our daily activities. New Element Consultants has a wonderful mental health awareness book that can help with your daily life.

No one should have to suffer in silence, and seeking help with your mental health can be a simple process these days. With so many advocates out there willing to provide mental health advice, finding reliable help can be an arduous process.

Beautiful Life Stories to Help Your Mental Health

Akecheta Morningstar has lived a wonderful and unique life. From his humble beginnings in Mississippi, Akecheta has made incredible strides in the world of business and mental health advocacy. As an individual diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, he has deeply connected with every aspect of his heritage and found deep healing in being connected with his true self.

In Akecheta's book, Man with Three Faces... Yearning for Control, he explores the world of mental health through the lens of his own personal life experiences. These beautifully told stories can offer hope, inspiration, and healing for any individual seeking to better their own mental health.

Akecheta's book can be a wonderful gift to a loved one or for anyone who is struggling to find balance with their mental health. These beautifully told stories can offer hope and healing through the eyes of an individual who has experienced some of the toughest experiences that life can send your way.

Mental Health Advocates Here for You

Learn more about Akecheta Morningstar's powerful life story and mental health advocacy when you download your free excerpt. To learn more about Akecheta's story, please give us a call at (769) 572-4667 or fill out our online form. We look forward to helping you along your mental health journey with our book on mental health awareness.