Educating the World, One Individual at a Time

New Element Consultants, Inc is an imaginative, outside-the-box consulting firm whose mission is aimed at educating the world one individual at a time concerning the subject of mental illness awareness.

Millions, the world over, are suffering needlessly because of misinformation concerning mental illness treatment options. The Truth of the matter is this: According to Ephesians 6:12, mankind is under hostile attack by GOD's chief adversary- Satan and his spiritual and earthly henchmen. They are on an unrelenting mission to mislead as many as they can away from God and His will for mankind. How do they seek to accomplish this? They do so primarily by commandeering control of one's mind and spirit. Once in control, they manipulate the host to perform actions that feed their evil lusts- the rapes, murders, bigotry, pedophilia, and countless other mayhem.

True Christians, in particular, need to be cognizant of Revelation 12:17. That scripture enunciates how Satan became enraged after being ousted from heaven and returned to earth to wage war against the remaining chosen ones and against the ones that support them. Because of the spiritual attacks, coupled with innate imperfections, one can become emotionally unstable.

Even though modern medicine does have its place in treatment options (Luke 5:31), it is not a cure-all.

According to the founder of NEC, Inc, Matthew 5:3 plays an even greater role. Mr. Morningstar suggests that there is a very fine line between spiritual uncleanness and mental illness.

The world is not educated on the fact that True Holy Spirit is able to overturn strongly entrenched things. (II Corinthians 10:4)

By combining the two principles, ( Matthew 5:3, and Luke 5:31) in one’s life, expert Akecheta Morningstar suggests that one can become a powerful, impenetrable species.

Through magnificent storytelling, Akecheta shares his life story in short and long versions. The long version will be available soon.